\ If hard work was easy, we'd all be skinny.
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Anonymous said:
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I answered:


I’ve lost seven pounds since I started my job.

I seriously just want to starve myself. I am so fat, and I am completely disgusted by my body. 

Fuck my life.

Ive had starbucks, chips, and pie today……..

kill me

I know it is going to take a couple months for my body to start changing, but I hate how slow it is taking. I need to get my ass in gear and work out harder, drink more water, and have healthier food choices. I CAN DO THIS. I will be fit.


that is all I am thinking about right now.

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I need to do this!!


After workout snack

Low fat colby cheese stick, a fruit cup, and a glass of water.

That work out was amazing :D

Get the Six Pack


3 x 30 crunches

3 x 30 leg lifts

3 x 25 oblique crunches

3 x 60 Russian twist

3 x 25 V sit

3 x 30 reverse crunch

3 x 60 bicycle crunch

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that work out was killller.

I know I dont really work out alot, but I am just trying to get back in shape before I start to really work out. 

I need to go running, but I dont want to run in my neighborhood. 

I need a treadmill. 

I do run a regular blog, which is www.motherfuckingf0x.tumblr.com, so it is a bit confusing to be running two blogs. But if you ever need anything, you can always go to my main blog to answer questions.

I will be posting pictures of my progress along the way, but I will not put my current weight and goal weight, because I am not comfortable with people I know from my personal blog to know this stuff.

But I hope this helps you as well as me, on our journey to a healthier, and fit lifestyle c:

follow my sisters thinsop blog, www.takingthemaskoff.tumblr.com

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